Emmy Rossum publicly declared her love for cats. She adopted a stray cat in 2010 and has been taking care of it since. That’s about the time she split with her secret husband, Justin Siegel. The Shameless actress has been recently seen smooching a gray haired stranger, as they were grocery shopping, but the 26 year old hasn’t revealed any more deets. For her role as Fiona, Rossum has had her fair share of sex scenes to film. But it’s not always on set at is looks on screen: “The first time, I had a couple beers,” she said “But then I got on with it. It’s part of telling a story. Sometimes people have sex.” However, she mentions that fake sex isn’t very sexy, which helps out with the filming. We don’t know whether there will be more sex scenes in her career in the future, but what’s for sure is her next movie: You’re Not You, featuring Hilary Swank and Josh Duhamel. She will play “a self-absorbed college student whose life is changed when she takes a job caring for a woman (Swank) with Lou Gehrig’s disease,” according to Hollywood Reporter.

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