annalyne mccord


The beautiful AnnaLynne McCord looks great in her casual L.A. look with a white blazer, denim shorts, red shoes and necklace, and classic Wayfarer sunglasses. The actress isn’t afraid to show some skin, and that’s visible from her show, 90210. McCord has been recently photographed on the set of the show in a super short mini dress, which even caused the actress to stumble for a second there. She reveals in an interview for Teen Vogue: “We just hit our hundredth episode, and it’s airing towards the end of the year. The title is ‘We’re Not Not in Kansas Anymore,’ which I think is hilarious. It shows an alternate reality of 90210: what if Naomi didn’t have any money? She’s supposed to be shopping at Marshall’s and Loehmann’s trying to replicate all of her looks, and she’s a real estate agent. It’s really funny. Naomi and Max start off a little rocky because his business partner can’t stand the idea of Naomi and Max being married. Naomi is trying desperately to win his approval—there’s an episode in which I’m dressed as Princess Leia. They let me do some fun stuff! We also have his former fiancée coming back to add a little drama.” McCord has got some new projects lined up, Officer Down and Scorned, and she’s very proud of both of them.

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