Prada Baroque Round Graphic Sunglasses Photograph

Photo: WENN Exclusive

Evan Rachel Wood looks stunning in a red dress, with polka dot tights, peep toe booties and a leather jacket, finishing the look with Prada Baroque sunglasses. The actress just got married, and the lucky guy is none other than Jamie Bell. The blonde, who previously stated she was bisexual, caused madness on Twitter among her fans. A person asked if she wasn’t bi anymore, and Wood replied: “No. It just means i am not single anymore ;)”. Things didn’t go all that well in the honeymoon, though, as the newlywed couple got robbed. The True Blood actress tweeted: ”Dude!! @1jamiebelland i just got robbed!! Found our room ransacked. We are safe and have everything we need. So all is well. #damn (sic)”. The two met on the set of a Green Day music video, and had a 5 year gap in their relationship before reconciling last year. All’s well when it ends well!

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