Lily Allen marc Jacobs


After stating in 2009 that she doesn’t plan on recording another album, Lily Allen dedicated herself to motherhood. Allen and husband Sam Cooper are expecting their second child at the end of this year, and they couldn’t be more excited. Apparently, being pregnant helps the singer be more creative, and she’s back to the studio after her hiatus. “She’s is working hard to finish her new album… she’s found being pregnant has helped her song-writing. Combined with her love for Ethel, the creative juices were flowing,” a source told Closer magazine. But the pregnancy isn’t kind to the petite singer’s body, who allegedly has been wearing nothing but pajamas as of late. Sources claim that she avoids mirrors, and would rather not get dressed in the morning since she’s in the last weeks of the pregnancy. We’re curious how that turns out! As for upbringing the kids, Allen stated: “I was taken to the Glastonbury Festival every year but I won’t be taking Ethel there – although that’s more for selfish reasons, because I want to go and enjoy myself!” Pictured here in one of her stylish street looks, Allen is wearing denim cutoffs with polka dot tights, a gold sweater and Marc Jacobs sunglasses with a prominent brow, and she’s looking every bit like a rock star!

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