Nikki Reed Burberry


Twilight star Nikki Reed revealed that she had to fight for her song, “All I Ever Needed” to be included on the soundtrack of Breaking Dawn Part 2. Reed, who is married to former American Idol contestant, Paul McDonald, since October 2011, is trying to make a name in music, but she says she didn’t receive any special treatment from the producers just cause she stars in the movie. She even explains what the song means to her: “I just think about how important it is to send this message to people -– conquering your fears and acknowledging that something is greater than you. I can say to people, ‘Take that artistic side of you and don’t be afraid to turn it into something, because look at me – I’m gonna stand up here completely deer-in-headlights.'” Reed goes on: “The fans, they get very creative too. They write and do fan fiction, so it sort of goes past what the story is on the screen. I feel those same things, I just wanted them to see that.” Reed is a casual dresser in her everyday life, being a fan of jeans, boots and leather jackets, as well as Burberry sunglasses. But she’ll give anything for her fans, and that’s why she created an affordable jewelry line called Mattlin Era. The line uses metals with an antique feel, channeling the mystique of Twilight, and making the fans feel connected to “Rosalie Cullen.”

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