Dolce & Gabbana


38 year old Spanish actress Penelope Cruz has got a pretty busy holiday season, with two major gigs revealed in the past few weeks. On the one hand, Cruz is the star of the Campari 2013 calendar, following the footsteps of Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba or Eva Mendes. The photo shoot shows the sexy Cruz defying a number of superstitions (in designer wear, of course), such as black cats, broken mirrors, opening umbrellas indoors, the number 13 or walking under ladders. Cruz manages to make superstitions look… absolutely stunning, as she’s donning splendid red dresses and sipping Campari cocktails. Her second ad campaign for the end of 2012 is Nespresso, as the actress replaced George Clooneyas the spokesperson for the coffee brand. It looks like motherhood is a good hat on Cruz, as the mother of one recently stated: ‘From the moment you have a child everything changes, everything. You look at the world in a completely different way through your child’s eyes.’ Pictured here, the brunette is wearing a form fitting red dress with a matching purse, a polka dot coat and lace Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses, with a casual hairdo.

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