Renee Zellweger Sunglasses


If 11 years ago, she was gaining lots of extra pounds for Bridget Jones Diary, Renee Zellweger is stagnantly skinny for years now. We wonder how that goes with her second sequel of the movie, which will be out next year – is Bridget skinny now or will the actress wear a fat suit? Besides this project, Zellweger hasn’t been on the screen since 2010, which makes people raise their eyebrow about what’s going on with her. Actually, she’s doing quite fine and began something completely new, directing. Her movie, 4 ½ Minutes, will is set on the New York comedy scene, and will star Zellweger and Johnny Knoxville. “It’s about the long road back to who you were supposed to be before life, bad decisions, etc. intervened. There’s something emotionally resonant about the prospect of finding a proper life path long after your contemporaries have moved on,” according to her. However, when asked how she got to this job, Zellweger told the press that no one else in Hollywood wanted to do it, so she did! Pictured here, Zellweger is wearing flattering black Prada sunglasses and a matching dress, which go perfectly with her blonde hair and pale complexion.

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