Alexa Chung Ralph Lauren


Alexa Chung took home all the awards that she was nominated for at this week’s British Fashion Awards. She was given the British Style Award for the third year in a row as voted by the public. Even from this point, the TV personality admits that she can’t resist a shopping spree. “There was a time when I started thinking about it too much and it got weird but now I just dress to please myself,” she told GraziaDaily. “The main point is I’m still excited by clothes and excited by fashion. It’s innately something I’m drawn to so I literally can’t walk down the street without dodging into places, which annoys my friends.” As for the once piece that she’s can’t get enough of, Chung told the press: “[I love denim hot pants.] Everyone’s sick of seeing them, but they’re really comfy and I wear them constantly. When I travel, I pack them in my bag to take in the plane so they don’t get lost.” Pictured here at an Erdem fashion show, Alexa Chung is wearing houndstooth round Ralph Lauren sunglasses, a street style favorite of the past few seasons.