keira knightley


Keira Knightley recently opened up about her 2007 acting hiatus. After filming “The Duchess”, the actress felt the need to step back from the paparazzi and have some time for herself. She had almost no private life after “The Pirates of the Caribbean”‘s success, which bought her to a boiling point. “There was a time when the price of photographs were going up for (famous) women in any state of undress or mental turmoil or anything. The men who get paid for taking these pictures were getting incredibly hostile – nearly violent – and we’re talking about packs of about 20 of them, shouting at me, spitting at me, trying to pick fights with every guy you’re out with, in order to produce a picture and get a lot of money. And it was getting particularly nasty. The price of everybody’s head was going up. Some people went the legal route. And I ran … I’d hit a wall and needed to step back in order to learn the things I needed to learn.” Knightley says she took the time to read and “look out the window”. It would be a pity if she decided to pull something similar these days, because the actress looks better than ever in cat eye Ralph Lauren sunglasses and a Mary Katrantzou midi dress.

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