Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper is no longer the sexiest man alive, and the actor jokes that he now feels less sexy. Channing Tatum won the title from People Magazine this year. However, Cooper still grants us with his presence on the cover of the December issue of Esquire, wearing a tux, talking about some never before heard things. Like, did you know he was a teacher? “There was this thing called Learning Through an Expanded Arts Program. You have a semester curriculum, and you teach a trade in the New York public-school system. I had about six schools on the roster. I was taking acting classes and I was in these workshops taught by Ellen Burstyn, and I would take exactly what she did and use it to teach sixth graders at P.S. 123 in the Bronx or Queens.” And guess what he can’t get enough of! Motorcycles! He states: “I love the focus aspect of it. And you get everywhere fast because you can split lanes in California. And in Hollywood, there’s so much paparazzi, it’s just logistically phenomenal. Because you’re anonymous. You have a helmet on your head.” Pictured here, Cooper is wearing acetate sunglasses with blue lenses and a keyhole detail.

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