In a graphic t-shirt, aviator Ray Ban sunglasses and mismatched nail polish, Ke$ha looks young and fresh. The 25 year old singer became famous for her dance-pop hits, but now she’s trying something different. Her second album, Warrior, is out this December, and Ke$ha told more about it to the press: “I just wanted to make sure my entire personality was presented more accurately. I feel like people really got to know the super-wild side of me but then sometimes a more vulnerable side. I didn’t really feel comfortable expressing it. So this time I kind of forced myself to express a little bit more vulnerability, less Auto-Tune, less vocal trickery. It’s a little more raw.” And since it’s confession time, Ke$ha also admitted that she wouldn’t mind dating Justin Bieber, now that he’s 18 and single. “We could go out and buy lottery tickets, vote, play putt-putt golf,” the singer joked.

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