Giorgio Armani


Many wonder how 35 year old Michael Fassbender keeps his enviable physique in shape, and the actor recently revealed his secrets. Fassbender has an entire workout routine, including weights, pull-ups, push-ups, jogging and cycling – the classic recipe for a gorgeous bod. But the actor is not all about his looks, although some fans of 300 and Jane Eyre could state otherwise. Fassbender is confirmed to be part of the cast in X-Men: Days of Future Past, along with Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and Nicolas Hoult. But that’s not all for Fassbender, as the actor has had a full year of filming, to which we’ll see the results in the upcoming years. For example, next year we’ll see him in Twelve Years A Slave, The Counselor and Frank, while in 2014 he’ll appear in Jane Got A Gun, Asassin‘s Creed and Prometheus 2. Pictured here at the film festival in Venice, Fassbender is wearing a light blue shirt with his signature round Giorgio Armani sunglasses.

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