Lily Allen


Lily Allen appeared at the British Fashion Awards showing off her super belly. Asked about what she was wearing, Allen joked: “a tent”. Her tip for dressing through pregnancy is super simple: ‘Just don’t leave the house basically!’ It’s known that Lily likes her sweatpants around the house, and that she tried to leave the house as little as possible in the past years, while pregnant. The singer is expecting her second child with husband Sam Cooper, and their daughter Ethel is not even an year old yet. On the first born’s birthday, Allen tweeted: ”This time a year ago I was in excruciating pain. It was worth it. #1 #burtday (sic)”. With the holidays around the corner, the 27 year old went on for some Christmas shopping at Harrod’s only to find herself fainting in the store. Although everything was much simpler before kids, Allen is enjoying it to the full. In this older picture, the “Smile” singer is donning blonde hair and a gingham top with a pair of fuchsia cat eye sunglasses, which really complement her face shape.

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