Diane Kruger Ray Ban

Photo: upscalehype.com

The Inglorious Basterds actress, Diane Kruger, is not as pretentious as her parts make her seem. The actress recently admitted that she was a huge Twilight fan, actually she was “quite obsessed” with the hit vampire series. “I think you have to live under a rock these days to not know the whole Twilight Saga. I have to admit, even though it’s not my age group, I was quite obsessed with Twilight,” she told the press. Kruger will soon be seen starring in The Host, a film adaptation of the Twilight writer, Stephanie Mayer. Although she hadn’t read the book previous to getting the part, the blonde was visibly excited about getting the role. The movie is scheduled for March 2013. Until then, the German-born actress is rocking a weather appropriate ensemble of knitted sweater with leather pants and blazer, all monochrome except for the red Ray Ban sunglasses.

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