Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus is almost unrecognizable in her super short blond hair, all black outfit and vintage Versace sunglasses. The former Disney star is rumored to be joining the cast of Two and A Half Men full time, kind of stealing Ashton Kutcher‘s spotlight, although he was suppose to be the one refreshing the show after Charlie Sheen‘s departure. But the 20 year old seems undecided about staying or going – like most 20 year olds are about everything in their lives. One thing’s for sure: Cyrus loves her doggies! ‘It’s mommmmmmy time!!!!!!!’ the actress/singer tweeted along with a bunch of pictures of herself and her rescue dogs. No less than four dogs were taken under Cyrus’ protective wing. She loves them so much that she allegedly made a pre-nup for fiance Liam Hemsworth to sign, stating that Cyrus will have custody of the dogs in case of divorce. What? Don’t worry, the contract also stipulates that Hanna Montana’s $130 million fortune will be safe.

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