Jessica Lange Sunglasses


Jessica Lange seems to be rejuvenated ever since her show, American Horror Story, gained such fame and public. It’s now time for a new generation to appreciate the talent of the 63 year old actress! “When we started talking about season two, I had a very clear ideas about what I wanted to play. I had never played an alcoholic before; I wanted to play a really drunk scene, I told Ryan Murphy that,” Lange told the press. She continues: “I wanted to play somebody who was really down and out, and also the whole area of madness– those were things I specifically had in mind when we talked about the character of Sister Jude.” The actress finds this role really interesting to play, especially since it’s so much more complex than what she did in season one of the TV mini-series. As for season 3, Lange is not entirely sure she will be part of the cast. “All of that stuff is still under discussion.  I think I will try to get it depending on what the story is and who the character is.  So, we’ll see what happens,” she stated. We honestly hope we’ll see more of her next year! Pictured here at the Emmys, the actress accessorized her beautiful asymmetrical red gown with tan acetate rectangular sunglasses that complement her skin tone.

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