Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber performed at the Q102 Jingle Ball 2012 this week, and he added Ray Ban sunglasses to his stage and red carpet outfits. The shades are slowly but surely becoming his new signature style, like his hairdo would be at the beginning of his career. After the break he and Selena Gomezhave been through, people are wondering is their relation will really last. The teen power couple broke up and got back together in the past months, after Beiber’s alleged indiscretion with Victoria’s Secret models. A source stated: “Justin is crazy about Selena. It’s just so obvious with the way he looks at her. Justin had a lot of people wanting to take pictures with him and talk to him at the Jingle Ball ‘meet and greet’ after the show and he just made sure to include Selena in everything — he kept looking at her, smiling at her, they were side by side most of the time. It’s like he really made an effort to make her feel like his princess.” This reminds us of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears back in the day – didn’t everyone think they were going to last? You can’t really blame an 18 year old who’s worldwide famous for wanting to try out new things…

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