Jennifer Carpenter


Jennifer Carpenter’s “Dexter” premiered the season finale this week, an episode filled with surprises and drama. Pictured here, the actress is wearing a purple t-shirt with her signature style cat eye sunglasses. “The show has always been complicated, it’s the nature of it. It’s hard to navigate but now in a way because I’m aware, and I’ve seen the face of Dexter’s Dark Passenger, it inflates the scene,”  Carpenter says discussing her character and role in the story. “I was worried that Debra was going to appear like a machine, like there’s nothing she can’t handle, like she’s unbreakable. She’s always a little fragile. I wanted the audience to have a moment of privacy with her, to see her struggle and see how much she’s actually holding back in a scene with other people.”  Now that the season is over, Carpenter takes a leap and tries a romantic comedy, in the indie production “Ex-Girlfriend” by Alexander Poe. She loves the challenge of doing something new and different, trying to move away from her character Deb and the dark side.

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