Blake Lively

Photo: splash

Blake Lively looks dashing in blue mirror lenses aviator sunglasses, and she seems to be having lots of fun in the process! With the last ever episode of Gossip Girl having premiered last night, “Serena” is free to pursue an acting career in serious, Hollywood movies, leaving the Upper East Side to high school rookies.  She recently opened up about her Christmas traditions: ‘I come from a big family so the holidays is a time when I’m excited to do nothing but spend time with my family. I love to cook and eat and play games. So much of that is everybody coming together and celebrating so we always cook our meals together and that is such an amazing experience creating something together and breaking bread in your home.‘ As for the best present ever? ‘My sister video taped her kids from the moment they woke up to when they went to bed; it was a day in the life and because I love them as if they were my own, I actually tell them that I’m their mommy.’ She also mentions: ‘We would all buy each other fragrances in our family because it tells a story of each different time period in your life,’ taking the opportunity to promote the perfume she’s now the face of, Gucci’s Premiere Fragrance.

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