Stephanie seymour


44 year old supermodel, Stephanie Seymour, is spending the holidays at the beach with her pretty daughter, Lily, and older son, Harry. The boy tweeted: “Time for some last minute Xmas shopping. I see.. lots of pharmacy presents in my loved ones futures.” The supermodel showed off her stunning bikini body in a black two piece and a sarong, with Prada sunglasses and comfortable wedges, while the kids looked age appropriate in cute swimsuits. Harry and Lily are both fathered by billionaire Peter Brant – whom Seymour divorced and then reconciled – and they have a step brother from Seymour’s first marriage to Tommy Andrews. Seymour is also known for her relation with Axl Rose back in the 90s, and for being the star of Guns N’Roses videos “Novermber Rain” and “Don’t Cry”.

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