Megan Fox


Megan Fox decided to expand her horizon and join the most popular social network of the moment: Twitter. Even if she just did that yesterday, she already has 32,000+ followers! The actress took to Facebook to make the announcement: “Against my better judgment, I have finally joined Twitter. Every possible version of my name is already in use so for now my Twitter handle is @MeganFox516. See you there.” Luckily, she was able to buy her handle, and you can now find her as @meganfox. The 26 year old started making Twitter history with her first “official” 140 characters statement: “I’m incredibly late to the party but I’m here nonetheless, so what now?” Somebody entertain this woman! The new mom told the press that she only gained 23 pounds during the pregnancy, which she easily lost without even working out! Just look how hot she looks in her aviator sunglasses and gray cardie! Her biggest tip is to stay away from dairy, because, as she puts it, it’s “really hard on your hormones”. Fox’ son, Noah, is now 2 months old, and he’s fathered by hubby Brian Austin Green.

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