david bowie

Photo: seaofshoes.com

David Bowie has been on the scene for decades, and he’s still not tired of doing what he does best: successful records that drive the crowds wild. Pictured here in red hair and gray, metallic sunglasses, the singer is now 66 years old and he’s just about to launch a new album, which was announced on his birthday. “The Next Day” is the name of the new record, which will be released this March in Australia, UK and USA. This is his 24th studio album and, by the words of its producer, it’s “quite a rock album”. There are 14 tracks on the record (17 on the deluxe edition), of which “Where are we now” was already released on iTunes. Bowie spent about two years recording in secret: “”Usually we’d work on one or two songs in an afternoon, and whip them into shape so they’d sound like great rock tracks,”producer Tony Visconti told BBC.

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