Chloe Meretz


In skinny pants, biker boots, a navy blazer and white sunglasses, Chloe Meretz is definitely fierce! The 15 year old actress is used to playing tough girl roles, like she did in Dark Shadows (with Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green & Helena Bonham Carter), Hick (with Blake Lively) or Let Me In. The young actress was recently the host of 2013 Teens for Jeans, which promotes donation of jeans to Aeropostale stores, as there are 1.7 million homeless teenagers request jeans specifically. The campaign features young actors from 90210, as well as Rachel Bilson , Demi Lovato and of course, Meretz, and there’s even a 10,000 prize for the school which donates most jeans. The blonde actress has lots of projects lined up for 2013, including Carrie, Kick Ass 2, The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea, The Drummer and Dance of the Mirlitons.

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