Vanessa Paradis Sunglasses


While former partner Johnny Depp keeps working with his favorite team, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, their latest endeavor being the movie Dark Shadows, Vanessa Paradis minds her own business and heads to the fashion world for comfort. The 40 year old singer/actress is the new face of the H&M Conscious Collection, in a beautiful, ethereal video and photo shoot. The new campaign, which will be official at the end of March, promote conscious use of clothing, with H&M offering 15% off discounts to customers who donate old clothing. “I try my best to shop consciously, and vintage is very much part of my wardrobe. I love the style and it works in an eco-friendly way because I like to use and reuse old clothes,” Paradis said. Honestly, we think she’s perfect for the part! Pictured above, the French cutie is wearing a stylish black and white outfit with oversized havana sunglasses and a killer smile.

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