Vanessa Paradis and Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses Photograph

Photo: Foto S.A.

By now it’s official, and you’ve probably heard: Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp are through. Last time the couple was photographed together was back in 2010, and it seems like they’ve been having trouble since. The singer/model felt like she gave up her career for Depp’s, and the latter responded with heavy drinking. But it’s not just that – it looks like Depp had been secretly seeing 26 year old Amber Heard, co-star in “The Rum Diaries”. Paradis and Depp announced their separation on June 19th, after being together since 1998. Their two children, Lily Rose and John Christopher, are the ones suffering most from the break-up, although their parents do their best to keep them out of it. In this pre-break-up picture, Paradis wore her hair in a flattering bun, and a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses (also donned by Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton among others).

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