With sixchart-topppers in just two years, it seems like Katy Perry has the secret of success right up her sleeve. Her second album, “Teenage Dream” was the second ever album to have five number ones in America, after Michael Jackson’s “Bad”. Luckily, Perry filmed this prolific year in her life for the documentary “Katy Perry: A Part of Me”. Not everything about that year was a bliss, though: it also meant the singer’s divorce from actor Russel Brand. Although she likes glam, happy ending documentaries, she says “I like to be more relatable than that. I don’t want to be above my audience; I want to be one with my audience.” Her film shows her both on stage, in pretty outfits and surrounded by fans, and backstage, without make-up and sometimes tearing up. “A lot of times people’s perception of people [in my industry] is that we look perfect from the moment we walk out the door. It has become such a big thing that girls have to be so painted and perfect, and I wanted to show that is not the case.” The 3D movie shows all of Perry’s faces, as she says herself, because she really just wants her fans to see who she really is, behind the doll costumes that accompany her shows. And here’s Perry in a rather conservative outfit, compared to her usual style: black hair and black Prada sunglasses, with a deep-cleavage white/gray dress – no neon, no cupcakes!

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