Photo: vintageframes.com

Rihanna adjusts her make-up in a white jumpsuit and a pair of baroque Prada sunglasses. The singer dons red nail polish and golden jewelry for her yacht trip, while her hair is all up and curly. Rihanna recently opened up about the Chris Brown controversy, and Rolling Stone was lucky enough to be the receiver: “I decided it was more important for me to be happy, and I wasn’t going to let anybody’s opinion get in the way of that. Even if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake. After being tormented for so many years, being angry and dark, I’d rather just live my truth and take the backlash. I can handle it,” she told the magazine, which she covers this month. “When you add up the pieces from the outside, it’s not the cutest puzzle in the world. You see us walking somewhere, driving somewhere, in the studio, in the club, and you think you know. But it’s different now. We don’t have those types of arguments anymore. We talk about (stuff). We value each other. We know exactly what we have now, and we don’t want to lose that.” Hope everything turns out good for them…

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