Diane Kruger in Ray Ban sunglasses

Photo: 29secrets.com

Diane Kruger looks chic in black and white, with Ray Ban sunglasses and a bow tie. The actress covers Glamour UK Magazine this March, and discusses her personal life: “When I turned 30, I realized how ignorant I really was. I always thought I had a very accomplished life. I lived on my own and I was financially independent since 16; I speak different languages, I traveled the world. I thought, ‘Oh, I’m so smart.’ I realized through my personal travels how little I know about certain conflicts, because I was too vain or self-absorbed to ask the questions. That’s been the focus while I’m in my thirties – to become an accomplished woman, rather than some actress,” the 36 year old said. She also speaks about her relationship with Joshua Jackson, who was filming in Vancouver for five years, leaving the couple with the distance relationship.  Jackson’s filming for Fringe is now finalized, meaning that the two can be a normal couple at last. If an actors couple can ever be called “normal”…

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