Emmy Rossum Sunglasses

Photo: stylebistro.com

Emmy Rossum paired a form-fitting dress with a biker jacket, boots and oversized, havana sunglasses, as well as a layered necklace, for an outing recently. The Shameless actress posted a picture of herself on Instagram, taken at a Beautiful Creatures press meeting. She talks about the movie, which premiers on Valentine’s Day this month: “The most challenging scene to shoot for me was at the very end because I was in the massive dress with this tight horrendous corset. Basically in a turtle neck dress with all these petticoats in 120 degrees,” she mentioned. “The dresses were so large, that to transport me and Emma Thompson to the set from the trailers, they had take all of the rows of chairs and seating out of a 15 passenger van and seat us on individual apple boxes one per van and it was 120 degrees.” Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? We’re pretty curious about this fantasy flick ourselves!

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