Amanda Seyfrd in sunglasses


In skinny jeans and flats, a hoodie and round acetate sunglasses, Amanda Seyfried looks cute and modest. The 27 year old actress went grocery shopping in Beverly Hills wearing this outfit, just last week. Showing she’s not just a pretty face, the actress donated $20 to the D.A.R.E. program outside the supermarket. The Les Miserables actress moves from the her role as Cosette to that of Linda Lovelance in a biographical film about a porn star. “She [Lovelace] was famous being able to deep throat really well and she was a porn star, just another porn star to me. I remember the first time I met with Rob [Epstein, director] and Jeff [Freidman, also director] they showed me this massive book, this massive collection of research and photographs, and they had all these DVDs of footage, and I was just blown away because of course everybody has a story, everybody is three dimensional,” Seyfried says. “I found it fascinating that the idea of her, it’s all very much a general idea of who she is based on the fact that she was a porn star. But she wasn’t really a porn star, she wanted to be an actress and she had a really intense, violent relationship with her husband and her husband essentially just coerced her into this world and she was exploited and she was left with essentially nothing,” the actress continues. The movie premiers this March.

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