Dave Franco eyeglasses

Photo: polyvore.com

Dave Franco is nothing short of hot in his button down shirt and black geek chic eyeglasses. The Scrubs actor – who is also James Franco‘s brother – is making a name for himself and he’s covering Wonderland Magazine this month. How is he getting along with his big brother? “The best thing he’s ever told me is to be patient and hold out for movies that I really want to do. About two years ago I made the decision to only go out for projects that I am passionate about, although I knew at the time that might’ve been the stupidest decision I ever made because I might never work again.” It looks like he looked up to James – I mean, who wouldn’t? “For a long time, I can’t say that I loved acting because I was so nervous going to class everyday. But I kept at it and I became a little more comfortable and started having a bit more fun with it […] The whole acting world is too much. Honestly, I have a freak-out moment at least once every other month, thinking ‘Is this the life I’m aspiring to lead?’ Because I really do cherish the anonymity that I have left,” Dave says.

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