Julianne Hough in Prada sunglasses

Photo: coolspotters.com

Julianne Hough smiles in a pair of Prada sunglasses, and it’s a look that looks really well on her! On the cover of Self Magazine this March, she’s showing off her toned body in a cropped sports top and layered bracelets. But she’s not all about being feminine and pretty: “One day I will shave my head. I don’t know when that day will be, but I want to. When I had long hair, I always felt like I had to look pretty. With short hair, I feel more fun and free.” And she doesn’t crazily watch what she eats: “I have a hard time not finishing my plate. I got that from my grandma. When we’d be full, she’d say, ‘You dished your plate. You gotta eat it all,’ I’d say, ‘Grandma, but I’m so full.’ She’d say, ‘Stand up and jump up and down.’ We’d jump to get out food down quicker, so we could stuff more in there. Now, it literally looks like I’ve licked my plate after dinner.” Sounds like someone has a great metabolism! Hough also talks about Ryan Seacrest in her interview, saying: “Ryan plays my supporter. From day one, I’ve said that I’m here to accomplish my goals whether somebody is in my life or not. I’d never want anybody to be in control of what I do. He knows that’s big with me.”

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