Zachary Quinto in Ray Ban sunglasses


Zachary Quinto blows us a kiss in a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses and his signature hat. The American Horror Story actor is featured in Snap magazine this March, in a photo shoot taken with an iPhone app. The actor talks about film and theater from his point of view: “The theater is where it all began for me. I have studied and performed on stage since I was 10 years old, and earned a BFA in acting from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. My decision to move to LA after graduation was always intended as a means to an end. My goal was to build myself a film and television career that would allow me to diversify an focus on other aspects of storytelling also. coming back to the theater is mostly about making good on a promise to myself.” However, it’s not easy for him to make time for everything. He said he’s doing his best and that he’s lucky to have partners and friends supporting him. I am so grateful for m y business partners and advisors to help keep me moving forward with professional purpose and momentum. It frees me up to do the real work as I see it. The things on which I am meant to focus,” he says. Quinto is currently playing Tom in The Glass Menagerie in Cambridge.

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