Hayden Panettiere - Ray-Ban sunglasses

Photo: coolspotters.com

Hayden Panettiere looks comfortable in a pair of white Ray Ban sunglasses. The same Panettiere, however, looks fresh and pretty on the cover of Nylon Magazine, at newsstands at the end of the month. The Nashville star was recently spotted with her on again off again boyfriend, boxer Wladimir Klitschko, in Miami Beach. The two had split up in 2011, but it looks like the old flame is lit yet again. Panettiere tells Nylon: “I was smack in the middle of that generation whose constant scandals were on the cover of all those magazines. Everyone was looking to me to fall off my horse- to make a mistake, just one wrong step. So I went out of my way to make sure that I didn’t even put myself in a position to be seen that way.” Good luck keeping a low profile – it seems impossible to do in the day of Twitter and phone cameras…

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