Leonardo DiCaprio Carrera sunglasses

Photo: imnotobsessed.com

Leonardo DiCaprio is out for a bike ride in a comfortable outfit with jeans and sneakers, a tee, a baseball cap and Carrera sunglasses. The 38 year old actor told GQ Australia his opinion on the country, namely that all the women are gorgeous and that the overall experience is Dr. Seuss like. DiCaprio also speaks about being in the iconic role of Gatsby: “I think anyone and everyone worldwide, when they read The Great Gatsby, identify with the dreamer in him. We all have these images of who we could be, or dreams of what we can become. And I can relate that to being an actor, and wanting to be an actor, and never knowing whether you can achieve those dreams.” Although the actor previously announced that he'll be taking a work break, he now told the mag that he's planning on directing more. However, he's not yet convinced he could handle the pressure, since he gets so obsessive about the movies he works in.

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