Lebron James going on the offense versus the Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers are proving to be tough adversaries for LeBron James the Miami Heat – Image courtesy of www.eteamz.com

The Miami Heat are certainly the team to beat in these playoffs. After winning the 2012 NBA championship last year over the Oklahoma Thunder, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and company are looking to recapture the title. So far the first two rounds were pretty easy. The Heat posted convincing series wins over the Milwaukee Bucks and the Chicago Bulls.

But with the Indiana Pacers, things are getting a bit trickier. Why? No one really expected this underdog Pacers team to go this far. On top of that they are a pretty decent team with some tough hungry players.

So how can the Pacers beat the mighty Miami Heat in the next two games thus meeting the San Antonio Spurs in the finals?

Easy! Disrupt them. By wearing shades!

Indiana Pacer star Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert almost pulled a Mr. Peanut when he was thinking about wearing monocles to a news conference – image courtesy of Parade.com & fansided.com

That’s right. Well, the shades they could be wearing will be for on-court eye protection, but imagine the Pacers’ star players like George Paul, Roy Hibbert and George Hill all wearing them. It’s a tactic that can get the Miami Heat off their game.

In fact, a few weeks ago star center Roy Hibbert almost wore a monocle to a news conference. Yeah, that’s the little eye glass thingy that Mr. Peanut and the Chocolate Turtle guy wear.  However, he was dissuaded in wearing it.

Hibbert certainly has the right idea because the minute the press caught wind of it, the story was everywhere. Now the Pacers can take that idea and run with it. They have to win the next game to force the seventh and deciding game.

But before the Pacers can take this shades-idea they first must consider that LeBron James loves his eyeglasses too. Knowing the latest fashion and eye wear trends, James and the Miami Heat can simply ignore the Pacers and welcome their second consecutive trip to the finals very soon.

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Lebron and obama

Lebron James meeting US President Barack Obama in 2013 wearing his cool frames – image courtesy of thescore.ie