The Nashville Songwriters Association International awarded her the honor for the 6th time.

Taylor Swift Honored As 2013 Songwriter/Artist Of The Year By The Nashville Songwriters Association International

Taylor Swift at the NSAI event. Image c/o

Taylor Swift is once again a main topic of discussion, as the talented singer/songwriter just won the Nashville Songwriters Association International award for 2013 Songwriter/Artist of the Year. The 23 year old performer is the youngest person to have ever received the prize, and the she holds the record for most awards. For the event, which took place at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Taylor wore a mini silver dress by Houghton with matching Louboutin cross strap, peep toe heels – both of which looked pretty good with her latest accessory: the NSAI award.

But as much as Taylor wins, she also gives back. The same location in Nashville hosted the inauguration of the , founded with a $4 million donation from the singer's part. The center will include 3 classrooms, an instrument room and a children's exhibit gallery. The Country Music Hall of Fame is where the singer signed her first contract, and her donation is the largest individual gift an artist has ever donated. More than that, she plans on being involved in as many programs as she can: “I hate to call it a lecture because that sounds like I'm yelling at people, but we could do a Q&A talking to students here and a songwriters discussion would be really fun to have at some point,” she said.

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Taylor Swift doing some grocery shopping. Image c/o

From a personal point of view, Taylor Swift is currently not involved with anyone. She told InStyle magazine – which she covers in November – that she hasn't met the love of her life yet. It would have to be physical, emotional and mental attraction, topped with comfort and obsession, all in the same person. Right now, she's more into bad guys: “My friends tease me about the fact that if someone seems bad or shady or like they have a secret, I find them incredibly interesting. That’s just a phase I’ve been in lately. I don’t think this should be how I proceed in life,” she confesses, wisely.

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