Shopping, decorating & dressing up are part of celebrities' holiday routine:

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Kate Bowsworth's favorite ornaments.

Kate Bowsworth's favorite ornaments. Image via her Twitter

Kate Bosworth started her holiday decoration with a bride and groom ornament set, which she shared on Twitter: “Decorating the tree! My favorite ornament of the year @michael_polish ❤️” she added. She also mentioned flying home for Christmas, on the same social network.

Rihanna is a reindeer for Christmas

Rihanna is a reindeer for Christmas. Image via her Instagram

Rihanna shared a picture of her doing what she does best: partying. She captioned the Instagram snap “Thank you for picking out these glasses @jennnrosales”, and she wore a “merry” garland around her neck and a reindeer headband. The next day, she looked tired and hungover in a sunglasses pic that she posted.

Miley Cyrus getting ready for a show

Miley Cyrus getting ready for a show. Image via her Instagram

Miley Cyrus has a full schedule of Christmas gigs, and she uses it as an opportunity to show off lots of skin in holiday gear and her twerking moves. Here in a sequin two piece, she captioned the pic “Almost Bad Santa time! Just one final @eosproducts touch up by @freakabritt before we hit the stage!!”.

January Jones and her son, Xander.

January Jones and her son, Xander. Image via Just Jared

January Jones and especially her son, Xander, are in a holiday mood these days. The actress was spotted in a chic black and white ensemble, while the2 year old was wearing a green Christmas themed shirt, and looked super cute.

Alexa Chung & Santa.

Alexa Chung & Santa. Image via her Instagram

Alexa Chung already met with Santa, who gives her a hug and holds her hand in this pic. 25.8 k people liked the couple together, and the starlet captioned it “Sick”.

Taylor Swift & Hailee Steinfeld have some holiday fun.

Taylor Swift & Hailee Steinfeld have some holiday fun. Image via Taylor's Instagram

Taylor Swift posted this pic of her and Hailee Steinfeld on Instagram, and captioned it “Merry Swiftmas and Hailee New Year”. The brunette, in turn, shared some pics of the two of them opening presents and playing with bows. Sweet!