Camilla Belle


The Jets’ Quarterback Tim Tebow and Brazilian actress Camilla Belle broke up. It’s not like their relationship was that stable in the first place, they had just been dating for 2 months, but the fans were excited about the idea of a beautiful power couple. It’s known that Tebow wishes to be pure until marriage, and we’re not sure that the same can be said about Belle – although she has been raised Catholic. While we don’t think this breakup will be devastating for either part, we’re glad so see Belle working hard on her Hollywood career. Next year alone, we’ll see her in Love Is All You Need?, Of Corset’s Mine and Cavemen, three totally different movies that really show off her acting skills. And her hot bod, of course. She always looks her best, whether it’s Ralph Lauren sunglasses and a nude dress, or sweatpants and trainers.

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