We’ll tell you what, actress Rachel McAdam’s got range. Case in point, in our two fave Rachel roles, she went from being “Queen Bee” mega-b#!ch, Regina George, in the disfunctional teen drama, Mean Girls, to the sweet, save-the-planet ingenue, Claire Cleary, in Wedding Crashers. Subsequent roles in blockbuster hits, The Notebook, Sherlock Holmes, and The Time Travelers Wife soldify her star status. She’s a bit of a cameleon, as well, going brunette to blond like a change of clothes. Here, she’s brunette and adorable running about town in a chic pair of Miu Miu shades–available in three frame/lens color combos. Up next for this Ontario, Canada-native–Morning Glory, a comedy film starring opposite Hollywood heavy-weights Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton,and Jeff Goldblum.  –rpuccia

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