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The rants continue–and so does the surrounding media circus. It’s been a few weeks since CBS and Warner Bros. Television announced they were stopping production on Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season due to Charlie Sheen’s “cray cray” behavior and conduct –culminating with his anti-Chuck Lorre statements on a radio show (the show’s creator and executive producer). He just launched his own Internet talk show Sheen’s Korner on Saturday, broadcasting on Ustream with his buddies and one of his goddesses. He kicked things off by unveiling his new left wrist tattoo that said — what else? — “Winning.”

The Internet show comes on the heels of his insane media extravaganza since the show was cancelled including scoring over a million followers during his first 24 hours on Twitter and granting sound bite-heavy interviews to pretty much any news outlet that asked like the Today Show, the Alex Jones Show radio program, and Pat O’Brien’s Loose Cannons radio. Charlie says he wants to be paid for the remaining unproduced episodes at a whopping $1.8 million per episode (yowza!). He also says he would still return to the uber-popular show for a ninth season as long as his former boss wasn’t around.

Rumors continue to run rampant about Charlie’s offer to appear in a cameo for the upcoming flick The Hangover 2— which already wrapped shooting–but the the director supposedly wants to “find a way to get Charlie to appear in the film.” He also reportedly plans to accompany Sean Penn to Haiti, which is still reeling from the devastating earthquake over a year ago, for a healthy dose of humanitarian work–sounds like he could use it. In the meantime, he rocks a pair of classic-chic Gucci shades, available in three versatile frame hues.  –rpuccia

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