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Twilight fans with Twitter accounts may have been feeling a little tug at the old heartstrings after reading that Ashley Greene’s pet dog Marlo was mauled by another dog and left with serious injuries earlier this week. The details are still kind of sketchy, but Ash tweeted “Everyone please please please pray for Marlo. A dog attacked her. : ( she’s in the hospital” on March 8th.

Ashley, who is best-known for her role as Alice Cullen in the insanely popular vampire franchise, later thanked her fans and reassured them that Marlo was on the road to recovery, reporting online “Marlo is now stable. No damaged organs. She just may need surgery for damaged muscle. You guys are so amazing for the thoughts and prayer… I am SO excited to come home and pick up Marlo from the dr (doctor) tomorrow! I hope it’s sunny.” Ash adopted the adorable toy fox terrier in 2009 after seeing her picture online.

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