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Kim and NBA beau Kris Humphries accompanied Avril Lavigne and step-bro Brody Jenner to the singer’s “Goodbye Lullaby”–her fourth studio album– release party in NYC Tuesday night. Kim tweeted: “I was just listening to the CD with Avril in the car. It’s so great. I love it.” Kim, 30 and Kris, 25 were reportedly super affectionate all night and were really packing on the PDA. Even though the couple has only been together a few months, Kim confessed she hasn’t found “one thing wrong” with her new man!

Surely Kris was on hand for a bit of TLC last week after Kim’s single “Jam (Turn It Up)” dropped and was subsequently annihilated by the press. A sampling of the merciless reviews includes: “Have you heard Kim Kardashian’s new single, “Jam (Turn It Up)” yet? Well if you haven’t, then please don’t. Save yourself.” Or: “Never mind the fact that it’s completely stupid, but Lord Almighty, Kim Kardashian’s new song makes us miss Paris Hilton’s music. That’s how bad it is.” Or: “It literally sounds like she was afraid of the microphone. It’s awful.” Or how about:  “It’s been autotuned so severely… Yet she still sounds off-key…the lyrics appear to have been penned by a third-grader…”

With a panning like this, she must have needed a shoulder to cry on. But let’s not forget she’s donating all the song’s proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital–so it’s all good, right? She gets her glam on in these oversized Tom Ford shades and sleek ponytail. –rpuccia

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