Khloe may never steal the show from big sis Kim, but she is certainly making headlines due to her upcoming E! reality TV show with husband, Lakers b-baller, Lamar Odom. She’s never been exactly in the shadows, but the show definitely gives the Kardashian baby sister a chance to step out. Though we know her from Keeping up with the Kardashians and the spin-off Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, the new reality series, Khloe & Lamar, will give viewers a look at the life of Khloe as she has taken on the role of wife and stepmother to Lamar’s two children, Destiny and Lamar, Jr., as well a glimpse into the personal and professional lives of the celebrity power couple.

And expectations are that Khloe should do well in her new venture. She is one of America’s most loved reality TV stars, according to Amplicate, an online opinion collating resource. Simply stated, people are loving on Khloe when they Tweet or post Facebook comments about her. Likely due to the fact that she’s the strong-willed, opinionated, honest and vocal member of the Kardashian family. She also has a fairly open and honest relationship with her fans. She regularly updates her own blog and shares freely with fans–like admitting to feeling stung by those who criticize her weight and appearance.

In addition to being a reality TV star, a wife, and stepmother, Khloe’s got a good head for business as a co-owner of the famous  D-A-S-H boutiques with sisters Kourtney and Kim and joint developer of the sunless tanner, Kardashian Glamour Tan, as well as the tooth whitener, Idol White. Khloe knows she’s got it going on in these sizzling, sky-high, shearling-lined boots (worn open and loose for extra flavor) and sporty-chic Carrera shades.  –rpuccia

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