Wondering what to see at the movies this weekend? Emily Blunt’s latest project hit theaters earlier this month. The British babe stars alongside Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau, a romantic sci-fi thriller. Emily told the press that she endured 4-hour workouts 7 days a week for 6 weeks to get in tip-top shape to play ballet dancer Elise Sellas, who crosses paths with Matt’s character, politician David Norris. Emily says she lived on carrots and almonds, “the most boring diet of her life,” during filming.

The movie’s “fate vs. free will” storyline has been told time and time again, and this adjusted version also has viewers wondering if we control our own destinies. We won’t spoil any endings, but the flick’s been called “a splendid romantic excursion into science fiction” and “a nicely paced exercise, one that benefits from both a sprinkling of humor and all-around strong performances” by critics.

The Adjustment Bureau isn’t Emily’s only romantic movie in theaters. She led her voice to Gnomeo & Juliet, an animated family film released in February 2011. Loosely based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the movie tells the tale of lawn gnomes, plastic flamingos and other garden objects that come alive when their feuding homeowners leave their houses. Sounds like quite a piece of work! The Devil may wear Prada, but Emily looks pretty darn hot in these Tom Ford sunglasses. The stylish aviator shades are available in six frame and lens hue combinations.

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