The three-day Coachella Festival—an annual music and arts fest which features performers of all genres of music as well as large sculptural art in Indio, California— is a hip place for celebs as well as “normal folk.” Need proof? This year, Ticketmaster began selling tickets on January 21 and the event sold out in 5 short days. Multiple stages and tents are set up throughout the scorching hot festival grounds (Indio is located in the California desert, where daytime temps frequently hit and surpass the 100 degree mark) so festival-goers can enjoy their favorite alt rock, indie and electronic musicians.

The always adorable actress Kate Bosworth went patriotic at Coachella, donning a red, white and blue American flag tank top along with a pair of large metal Ray Ban aviators. “Tik Tok” singer Ke$sha was also spotted wearing a flag tank at the festival, although hers was modified to fit her usual “garbage-chic” style. Kate’s tank, which she paired with cute white shorts and suede sneakers, was clean and crisp. Ke$sha’s, on the other hand, was tattered and torn—to match her dirty combat boots and dirty hair, perhaps? Oh well, to each her own, right? Should you vote for Kate’s outfit, keep in mind that her  trendy Ray Ban sunglasses are available in a multitude of frame and lens color combos.

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