Don’t expect Eva Mendes to be walking down the aisle anytime soon. In an appearance on Chelsea Lately last week, the 37-year-old, excruciatingly sexy actress explained why marriage to her is, well, “very unsexy.” “I’m not like anti-marriage or the institution, for other people,” Eva told Chelsea. “And I love the idea of a union — that’s all very beautiful. But I think, it’s a very old fashioned, archaic kind of thing. We did it for land originally. How unromantic is that?” Hmmm…good point. Chelsea quickly quipped, “Well actually, if we were doing it for land now, I’d probably be more interested.” (queue laugh track)

Eva continued on point saying that by contrast, when you’re with someone and you’re in your fifties or sixties and introduce him as “your boyfriend”, now that’s sexy. Eva, who’s dated her Peruvian filmmaker beau George Augusto since 2002, said she’ll definitely not be getting married.  “Why? If you love someone and you have a spiritual union, I just personally don’t think [I need] a piece of paper because society tells me [it’s necessary]. “Her righteous stance against the institution of marriage is fueled further by none other than crazy, wedding-themed reality TV shows and the glorification of “bridezilla”. “It’s just so over the top,” Eva said. “It’s so not about what it should be about.” Now that we can agree with 100%. Eva is a strong modern woman and all-out glam in these fab Gucci shades, available in three chic frame colors including shiny black, havana brown and a sizzling summer white. –rpuccia

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