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Janet wrote fearlessly about her self-image issues in her book, “True You,” documenting the struggle with her weight and becoming fodder for fat jokes in the tabloids. After reading her book–which was published in hardcover earlier this year and hit stores in paperback this week–Nutrisystem chief executive Joe Redling approached Janet about his weight-loss program and gave her some of Nutrisystem’s pre-packaged foods to sample while on tour. She said she was instantly sold. Janet now joins the ranks of Nutrisystem users to become the “new face” of the weight-loss program, promoting a new “SUCCESS” diet plan.

“Weight gain,” she wrote in her book, “is something I’ve dealt with my entire life….eating was emotional for me; eating calmed my nerves and brought me instant gratification.” Janet recently told Reuters that she is going about her Nutrisystem weight loss plan in an entirely different way by not putting a pound amount on it. “It’s about when I feel healthy, about when I feel good. That is how I want to be,” she said. When asked about her favorite Nutrisystem meal, Janet cited: “They do have cheese puffs…It had been years since I wrapped my lips around cheese puffs because they were things I had to stay away from.” Here, she’s all-out diva in a full-bodied, curly do and  Tom Ford shades, available in four fab frame hues.  –rpuccia

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