With an impressive dating history that includes leading men and rock stars like Joe Jonas, Chace Crawford, and Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill, Ashley Greene is the envy of women everywhere. But Ash recently told the March issue of Lucky  mag that she kissed a girl — and liked it! The Twilight beauty lip locked with Olivia Wilde in the upcoming comedy flick Butter and says it “ended up being really fun.” She continued: “It wasn’t that awkward. It’s the same idea as having to kiss a male co-star and it’s not real. Olivia is such a cool chick and very professional. So we were just messing around and cracking up in between scenes… And now I’m the envy of every straight male everywhere!”

Currently the brunette bombshell is dating Broadway’s Spider-Man, Reeve Carney, but adds that she’s careful not to let romance distract her from her work. “I’m so laser-focused on my career, because when you’re dealt these cards, if you don’t kind of run with it, then you’re an idiot,” Ashley says. She also says that what attracts her most is someone who has the same amount of drive as she does, someone who’s equally busy. And busy she is. With the Twilight Saga coming to an end (Breaking Dawn Part 2, hits theaters in November), the 24-year-old has been hard at work establishing her place in Hollywood with more diversified roles, like LOL,vopposite Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus, and The Apparition with Harry Potter star Tom Felton. She also had a recurring role on ABC’s Pan Am. Here, she shows why she’s one of the most sought-after stars on the big and small screens in fresh, classic-cool mirrored Ray Ban aviators. –rpuccia

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