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Less than three months after announcing that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing a double mastectomy, Giuliana Rancic was back on the red carpet–glowing and all smiles–for awards season starting with the 2012 Golden Globes. Where is all this positive energy coming from, you may ask? “A lot of people have said to me, ‘You look better now than before your diagnosis,'” the reality star revealed in an interview with omg!. “And I thought maybe it’s because I’m so much happier. I think that I dodged a major bullet.” In fact, after Giuliana, 37, endured the double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery to treat her breast cancer, she was back at E!, where she anchors E! News, just two weeks later! As if going back to work so soon weren’t enough, she’s also starting a charity, likened to a Make-A-Wish Foundation for adults called Fab-U-Wish, for other women in a similar situation. She explained about her breast cancer charity: “[I want to] do things to put smiles on these women’s faces while they’re going through tough therapy and a horrible diagnoses.”

“I just feel like things are kind of better than ever, which is so strange. An experience like this can either break you or it can make you stronger,” Giuliana noted. She says she chose to have a good attitude about it, to look at the positive, and that the experience has certainly made her stronger. How fitting here that she would be donning a pair of chic “Warrior” Ray Ban shades.  –rpuccia

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